Duty Of Care

The price paid by organisations from not addressing people management issues can be enormous in terms of low productivity and hard costs.

Work-related stress and mental health

The greatest risks to employee well-being are psychological:

37% of organisations report that stress-related absence has increased.
55% say that reported common mental health conditions have increased (41% in 2016)
51% are increasing awareness of mental health issues across the workforce compared with 31% in 2016.
source CIPD

We bring CARE into management practice to improve productivity and save costs. 

Creating a pathway for directors and managers to provide an improved level of healthcare and Well being into the workplace. 

We do this by supporting management to enhance their awareness and skills in workplace stress, selection and promotions, inter-personal relationships, communication and managing upwards with senior managers and directors.

How Would Duty of Care Work for You?      

 Workshops and Seminars 

In addition to our consultancy work, we also run a series of stand-alone workshops. These are aimed at managers and/or employees and staff to provide awareness into some of the more prevalent issues that are often ignored during planning. They are available either as closed events for groups or for individuals at pre-booked open events throughout the year.

How are you dealing with the health and well-being of your employees? 

This is one of the greatest taboos of our day. People don’t come to work just for money although it is vitally important; employees want to feel valued and able to contribute. We can to address how employers can find solutions to dealing with the health and well-being of their employees. We have highlighted this in a workshop called "Elephant in the room" which is an expression or phrase often used to describe an obvious truth that is going unaddressed. The expression also applies to an evident problem or risk that nobody wants to discuss. During this fun and light hearted interactive session “Duty of Care Consultancy” portrays some of the scenarios that can often occur and how they could possibly be overcome to create harmonious working relationships.

Elephant in the roomjpg

Elephant in the room workshop.pdf

Stress in the work place 

  • Awareness and prevention.
  • Creating a psychological contract


In the wrong job                         

  • Square pegs in square holes:
  • Appropriate recruitment and promotions

Wrong job Public Agenda .pdf

Vision Mind Mapping Workshops (Genovieve copy 2017-05-03).pdf

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