Vision Mind Mapping Workshop

Creativity at work that can free your mind and boost your business

The Duty of Care Consultancy we have a new concept in a Creative Workshop that helps Staff/individuals enhance their coping skills to combat or overcome Stress in the Workplace. Using the mixture of Arts, Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness; delivered by a professionally registered Psychotherapist.

This workshop allows you to discover how to explore more about your unconscious mind. These techniques enable you to free your mind and encourage greater recognition of others around you. It is particularly beneficial to people or organisations who are undergoing cultural change

The body’s response to stress was developed during Primeval times as a flight or fight response to alarming stressors. So it’s not uncommon to feel stressed. Statistics indicate that a bit of stress is good to keep one motivated; however, a lot of it can be harmful. It not only affects our mental being but also physical conditions.

Vision Mind Mapping is reliable and a resourceful additional use of the Mindfulness, using art helps one to be more resilient, boosting vitality and improving focus and coordination. Vision Mind Mapping sparks billions of creative ideas, for each and every one of us. Our workshops will facilitate this pleasant journey, introducing art & innovation into our day to day routine of work and life. Let us help to unleash your creativity and replenish energy levels. The workshop is inspired by various meditative forms of arts, craft, meditation/mindfulness, mandalas* and Zen is doodling and more...

Mindfulness and meditation are effective and proven techniques to combat anxiety, stress, release inhibitions one gains in life, these different ways of working facilitate healing and recovery. Every person is unique and requires exclusive approach. Our clients are offered bespoke services to capture and maintain individuality. Therefore a blended method eases exploring what really works for each individual client or organisation. Art form has helped people to forget themselves and get indulged in creativity. Every human being has hidden talents and the art can take any form. Art does not have any boundaries or any rigid rules. It is just seamless. It just flows as a river flows and explores its own path. At Duty of Care we provide the unique platform to explore individual hidden seamless talents, leading to your own observation, a sense of worth and self-esteem.

*Mandalas: It has been proven that Mandala designs bring balance and inspiration in life. Their symmetric designs bring harmonization. It represents wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself. Mandala art therapy has empowered some of the biggest leaders and achievers throughout history and continues to do so.


What you will notice and Improve in Yourself:

  • Break away from more linear thinking to Creative thinking
  • Improved planning skills
  • Problem solving
  • Expression of your thoughts through verbal and visual presentation
  • Improve communications skills and group collaboration
  • Build and establish better habits
  • Links the concepts you discover, through natural associations. This helps generate more ideas, find deeper meaning in your subject, and also prompt you to fill in more or find what you're missing in areas of your life!

·       Self-awareness and develop a stronger connection with your inner guidance/higher self.

·       Release negative emotions blocking you from living JOYFULLY AND CREATIVELY.

  • Feeling More Confident in your own Intuitiveness
  • Guide your own Creative Pathway in life

The workshop lasts for a day (5 hours) and is highly interactive. Participant numbers are deliberately low to ensure that everyone has the time and space to get maximum benefit. To find out more do get in touch with Duty of Care Consultancy.

 Genovieve Feasey