In the wrong job? Get the fit right!

Square pegs in square holes. Sounds simple doesn't it. So why do so many people leave jobs after a short time? Who decides on whether an individual will "fit in"? How do you manage things if mistakes have been made.  This is not about HR procedure, this is about managing people.

This one day workshop is designed for senior management who may have changed to a more  people focussed role, and to those who are new to managing people.

To raise self-awareness, improve communication and to pre-empt employee issues.
 To increase their success rate when hiring internal and external candidates, and by ensuring that candidates can match the expectations of the job specification, team behaviours and role fit.
For managers to feel comfortable about raising concerns with their peers and superiors about their team members and to identify and deal with the trigger points which can lead to stressful working practices.


  • Why  do people leave their jobs  

  •  How to detect signs of discontent

  •  The effect of discontent on individuals and organisations

  •  How to deal with causes of discontent

  •  How to prevent stressful working practises

  • Identifying the ideal team culture

  • Matching the role to a candidate        

  • Interviewing from both sides of the table

At the end of the session managers will learn techniques on how to react positively to the needs of their employees get the best out of them, and in turn create a working environment in which employees feel motivated to give of their best.

Who should attend?

  • Senior Executives who are involved in day to day people management.

  • Line managers responsible for selection and management of direct reports.

Closed group session (12 – 20) 


We would be please to discuss any issues in greater depth at the end of your workshop.

We provide:

  •       Confidentiality
  •       Support structure
  •       Professional help and assistance.

Square pegs in round holes Do you have them in your team?

Putting on a brave face! I can't tell my boss how I feel

Are all of your team members 

heading in the right direction?

People are unhappy here ! They are not waiting !

It's not too late to put it right.

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