One 2 One Consulting

are Career Consultants  who work with  Employers who want to improve the quality and consistency of their selection & retention programmes.


Are you spending more time and money on recruiting than you want to?

Not only does it hit your bottom line but the effect also adversely impacts on the well-being of your people and productivity.
One2One Consulting can work with you to improve your Selection & Retention.
Failure to address your Duty Of Care in this respect could be more costly than you think!

We need your skills We will do everything to make you happy here.
Do you have a new management team? Would you like to assess your team strengths & limitations?

Do you have great new business ideas but still looking to get the right people?

Using One2One Consulting you get an experienced business mentor who would be:
Objective about vital career and business choices,work with you on a One2One basis to fully command the needs of the role,and will seriously question what will be successful for both the role and the team?

Are your first choice candidates going to your competitor?

Skilful interviewers will find gaps in arguments and carefully uncover your strengths & limitations,often with the selected use of personal profiling.

"You can tell when you have an inexperienced recruiter because 99/100 the first thing they ask you at an interview is "what do you consider to be your strengths" and "why did you apply for the job?"then they throw a curved ball by asking their pet question,but very little science is used except their gut feeling about you."

Naturally you want to conduct your own interviews,that first encounter could be the beginning of a long and profitable relationship, but if you haven't been shown how to interview and most managers haven't, then a good experienced candidate will be far from impressed and look elsewhere wouldn't you?  

How can I find out where my strengths lie? Self Awareness - find out more about yourself.

Prepare for success.

Please call Simon now for a confidential discussion on how to move your career & selection campaigns forward.

An hour spent now could just be the difference between failure or success. 

London & Thames Valley regions only

People are unhappy here ! Should I join them and leave?

Are you good at what you do?

Of course you are, but are you trained in interviewing skills?

Wouldn't you like to be able to select people who are just like you are? Have the same get- up-and-go mentality? Be able to grasp the ideas and run with them? The biggest mistake employers can make is to believe what's written in a CV! What a person tells you they have done doesn't mean they are good for your needs. At One2One Consulting understand how to stop wasting your time interviewing candidates who are bound to fail.

Why are soft skills so important? ask the experts.

 If you are London or the Thames Valley area,we can offer you a free two hour no obligation soft skills review at your offices.


  • to review current selection practises
  • to discuss why people leave
  • methods to prevent people leaving
  • to review retention strategy.

Some managers who feel uncomfortable about raising concerns with their peers and superiors may find out much more about their team members with this review and use it to identify and deal with stressful working practices.