Career at a crossroads? We can help you back on your feet.


One 2 One Consulting are:

Career Consultants who work with Job Seekers that need support during those testing experiences of the interview process.

Can't get past that the first interview?

Make no mistake, interviewers are uncompromising and their time is valuable,so practising your interviewing skills at the interview itself is very disrespectful,besides,it will be too late by then and your chance may vanish before you begin!

We want you to be fully prepared to accept or even reject what can be put in front of you,so we will enable you to realise your true potential and harness your inner confidence which will help to keep you calm and confident and be prepared to take that vitally important next step.

Still looking for that next step?

We work with and individuals who may be :

at a crossroads in their career

new to the world of work

returning to it, or

just looking for a new challenge.

Knowing your working strengths and what motivates you - and most of all being able to articulate it, these are the key ways to improve your interpersonal skills and prepare you for tough interviews.

What do I ask at my interview? What questions will they ask me?

Sometimes you can try too hard!

That's why at One2one Consulting we work on self-awareness, always try to give you honest feedback and make sure you are prepared for the interviewer - even those curved balls that come towards you!

We can help you understand :

  • Personal strengths
  • Motivation
  • Key development areas 
  • improve interpersonal communication
  • Pre-empt interview questions

For those seeking new direction, we can provide psychometric profiling at affordable prices to ensure that you are fully ready to market yourself.

How can I find out where my strengths lie? Self Awareness - find out more about yourself.

Being qualified practitioners of The Thomas International (PPA)Personal Profile Analysis we can use it to assess your  job & development needs  in conjunction with a job profile.

You may be surprised to find out how accurate and  quick it is to complete - only 8 minutes. 

 At One 2 One consulting  naturally we prefer to meet you  in person, however  where face to face contact is not possible we conduct the interview by phone. 

Sample Thomas PPA.pdf

Have you got what it takes to land that dream job?

Employers aren't only looking for technical skills now-they want people with the right attitude They  want  adaptability and great team players.

Emotionally aware people tend to develop others,have and work in the best teams -  but we aren't all made that way - so make time now to understand yourself better,and develop your EQ, thus avoiding that unfortunate drain on your confidence.

Working with One2One will create inner confidence,and enable you to discover hidden potential in others and communicate effectively,moreover it will better equip you to motivate and manage people much more effectively.

*free profile feedback is verbal ,written reports are chargeable.Details on request.

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